Executive M.S. in Information Engineering and Management

Masters of Science in Information Engineering & Management (MSIEM)

Today’s technology-based businesses and governments urgently need people with a balance of business and technical skills. The MSIEM program is designed for technical workers in organizations where engineers are critical, but business knowledge is needed. This blend of enterprise and technical expertise is provided in the context of information technology application and management, where a well-conceived IT strategy can yield a competitive advantage. The MSIEM also develops the leadership and managerial skills needed to be successful.

MSIEM Program Goal
The intent of this program is to provide the graduate with the tools necessary to effectively engineer and manage the information flow of their organizations.

The MSIEM Program
One objective of the program is to utilize different undergraduate disciplines and work experience in conjunction with the Information Engineering and Management program to produce specialists for different disciplines.

The program is comprised of ten courses, ranging from software, networking and hardware courses, to information-handling courses, to management courses, to system-level considerations.

Example Program Outline

Year 1


Course 1

Enterprise Foundations

Course 2

Information System Architecture

Course 3

Information Systems Design Strategies

Course 4

Management of Information Technology

Course 5

Information Engineering Seminar*

Year 2


Course 6

Information Engineering and Global Perspectives

Course 7

Production Systems Engineering

Course 8

Decision-Support Systems

Course 9

Technical Entrepreneurship*

Course 10

Information Engineering Seminar*

Program Details

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply

Individual Course Descriptions

* Electives and schedule are subject to change

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