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The SMU Lyle School of Engineering’s Executive and On-Site Masters degrees are two-year program developed for rising executives with a technical undergraduate degree who are rising through management or starting their own company. It is an elite executive program — restricted to a highly motivated group of area professionals — designed to impart essential knowledge for today’s and tomorrow’s technology-driven workplace.

The fast-track MS in Engineering Management develops expertise in applying engineering principles to organizing and directing technology based projects and people in technical roles. This well-rounded approach prepares technical individuals for success in a technology-based world, with its challenges and opportunities.

The MS with Systems Engineering major develops expertise for the creation and management of complex systems (products and services) that satisfy customer requirements—considering engineering, technology, environmental, management, risk, and economic factors—by viewing the system as a whole, over its life cycle using systems-engineering principles, methods and practices.

The MS in Information Engineering and Management program provides the graduate with the tools to effectively engineer and manage the information flow of their organizations. The curriculum is comprised of ten courses, ranging from software, networking and hardware courses, to information-handling courses, to management courses with system-level considerations.

 Executive and OnSite
Program Details

Masters of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM)

Masters of Science, Systems Engineering major (MSSE)

Masters of Science in Information Engineering and Management (MSIEM)

As a tool for recruitment and retention, each of these degrees can be an ideal reward or incentive device to help companies attract and keep top talent. And, best of all, the program is extremely cost-efficient — prices below other comparable programs.

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Interview with Executive MSEM Class I president, Wendy Jones

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