Master of Science, Systems Engineering Major (MSSE)

Masters of Science, Systems Engineering Major (MSSE)

Finally. An Executive Format Program designed exclusively for today's fast-track technical professional.

The SMU Lyle School of Engineering's Master of Science, Systems Engineering degree is a requirements-driven program developed for high-potential engineers and managers with an undergraduate technical degree who are advancing in industry or government or running their own company. It is an elite program — restricted to a highly motivated group of  professionals — designed to impart essential knowledge for success in today's and tomorrow's competitive global technology-driven business.

This fast-track program is designed to develop expertise for development and management of systems (products and services) that satisfy customer requirements considering engineering, technology, environmental, management, risk, and economic factors by viewing the system as a whole, over its life cycle using systems engineering principles, methods and practices.  “Systems thinking” skills are developed which foster more effective practice for the engineer or engineering manager within the business enterprise. The objective is to provide individuals with the capability to effectively manage the development of complex systems in an ever-changing environment.


 Example Program Outline

Core Courses:

Course 1

Systems Analysis Methods

Course 2

Systems Engineering Process

Course 3

Integrated Risk Management

Course 4

Systems Reliability, Supportability and Availability Analysis

Course 5

Systems Integration and Test


Course 6

Systems Engineering Design

Course 7

Software Systems Engineering

Course 8

Systems Engineering Leadership

Course 9

Logistics Systems Engineering

Course 10

Systems Engineering Tools (SLATE, DOORS, Matlab)

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Systems Engineering 

Individual Course Descriptions

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*Electives and schedule are subject to change

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