Flexible Graduate Course Delivery Options

EMIS Graduate Classes Can Be Taken In the Following Forms

  1. On the SMU campus, in a traditional classroom setting.
  2. Streaming video via Internet, worldwide. This is for
    • Distance-education students located outside of the Dallas area, or
    • Dallas-area professionals that want the option of either coming to campus or viewing the classes at a later time. This flexibility is helpful to individuals with unpredictable work or heavy travel schedules.

In addition, some courses and degrees are available

  1. In executive format, with monthly all-Friday, all-Saturday sessions, for select individuals in a highly interactive setting. Twenty to 30 students enter together, take the same courses at the same physical location and time, and graduate in two years.
  2. OnSite, to selected organizations, presented in the executive format at the students’ facility.

SMU Engineering and EMIS works with you and your course delivery needs to bring you first-class education, wherever you work or live

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