Master's Advising

Each new EMIS master’s student’s acceptance letter includes the name and contact information for his/her graduate advisor. The advisor is a member of the department’s full-time faculty who can answer questions and make recommendations about your graduate program.

To get started in the program, it is best to begin as follows.

  1. From the Courses page, get a copy of the Graduate Planner, which shows the schedule of courses offered over the next several years.
  2. From the Forms page, download a MS Word copy of your Program of Study form (also called a degree plan).
  3. Fill out the degree plan, including those electives that you think that you would like to take (these can be changed later) and the semesters that you expect to take each required course. The graduate planner will help you plan by semester. Save this on your personal computer. (Note: articulation courses may be specified in a student’s admission letter; these must be completed prior to full admission to the program.)
  4. Be sure to schedule the required courses first (since many courses are offered only once a year and some are offered every-other year) and then fill in with your electives. Note that some classes must be taken in a particular order, as specified by course prerequisites. (See the course catalog here.) By planning ahead like this, you will not have to delay graduation because a required course is not offered in a desired semester.
  5. Email your completed degree plan to your advisor for approval or discussion. Once approved, your advisor will sign the form and forward it to the dean’s office for final approval and inclusion in your file. This must be done during your first semester in the program.
  6. If you later wish to change your program of study, update this degree plan and repeat Step 5.
  7. For your first semester only, Jim Dees in the Lyle Graduate Office will need to enroll you in your graduate classes ( After that, you can enroll yourself via

Transfer of Credits

If you wish to transfer graduate coursework from another university, complete and send your advisor a Transfer of Graduate Courses for Graduate Degrees form (along with course description materials) during your first semester taking courses at SMU. (Course transfer requests are not considered once your first semester is complete.) You can transfer up to six graduate hours (two courses) in this way.

From the Lyle School of Engineering Graduate Catalog


    Generally, up to six term credit hours of graduate courses may be transferred from an institution approved by the Graduate Division, provided that such courses 1) were completed in the five years prior to matriculation, 2) carried graduate credit, 3) were not used to meet the requirements of an undergraduate degree and 4) earned grades of B- or higher. Grades of courses transferred for credit are neither recorded nor used in computing GPAs. Acceptance of transfer credit requires approval of the student’s faculty adviser, department chair and the associate dean.

    The request to transfer credit must be made, using the appropriate forms, during the term of matriculation to the Graduate Division. Usually, this is done at the time the detailed plan of study is developed in consultation with the faculty adviser. The plan of study must be filed with the Graduate Division during the term of matriculation. Transfer of credit for courses that are taken at other institutions after matriculation into the Graduate Division in the Lyle School of Engineering is not normally permitted. Any deviations must be approved in writing by the adviser, department chair and the associate dean prior to such action and will be granted only under extenuating circumstances, as determined by each department.”


At the start of your last semester prior to graduation, contact the Lyle Graduate Office about how to apply for graduation.

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