MSOR Requirements (2006)

Admission Requirements (updated January 2006)

For admission to the Masters of Science, Major in Operations Research, a candidate must have:

  • An undergraduate degree in engineering, mathematics, computer science, economics, or a related technical field;
  • Previous coursework that includes satisfactory completion of at least six credit hours of calculus, three hours of linear algebra, and three hours of computer programming in a high-level language  (normally, a Bachelor of Business Administration does not provide sufficient background); and
  • A grade-point average of at least 3.00 on a 4.00 scale in previous undergraduate and graduate study

Degree Requirements (see also Graduate Catalog)

The degree can be obtained by successfully completing thirty (30) term credit hours (TCH) of graduate courses with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale.

  1. Probability and Statistics
    One (1) of the following:
    • EMIS 7370 Probability and Statistics for Scientists and Engineers
    • EMIS 7377 Design and Analysis of Experiments
  2. Core Courses
    • EMIS 7362 Production Systems Engineering
    • EMIS 8360 Operations Research Models
    • EMIS 8371 Linear Programming
  3. Depth Courses
    Three (3) of the following:
    • EMIS 7361 Computer Simulation Techniques
    • EMIS 8361 Economic Decision Analysis
    • EMIS 8372 Queueing Theory
    • EMIS 8373 Integer Programming
    • EMIS 8374 Network Flows
    • EMIS 8378 Optimization Models for Decision Support
    • EMIS 8380 Mathematics of Optimization
    • EMIS 8381 Nonlinear Programming
  4. Concentration Area
    The degree requires nine TCH from a second area.  All courses must be from the same area and are subject to advisor approval.  Acceptable areas include systems engineering, engineering management, information engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, business, economics, and telecommunications. 

Example Concentration Areas and Courses

  •  Systems Engineering
    • EMIS 7301 Systems Engineering Process
    • EMIS 7303 Integrated Risk Management
    • EMIS 7305 System Optimization and Analysis
    • EMIS 7307 Systems Integration and Test 
  • Engineering Management
    • EMIS 7360 Management of Information Technologies
    • EMIS 8362 Engineering Accounting
    • EMIS 8363 Engineering Finance
    • EMIS 8364 Management for Engineers
  •  Information Engineering
    • EMIS 7351 Enterprise Fundamentals
    • EMIS 7352 Information System Architecture
    • EMIS 7353 Information System Design Strategies
    • EMIS 7360 Management of Information Technologies

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