Undergraduate Advising

The EMIS department offers a Bachelor of Science (Major in Management Science) undergraduate degree. There are several phases in the process of completing this degree and different advising for each phase.

  1. Pre-Engineer
    First-year undergraduates seeking an engineering degree initially enter SMU’s Dedman College. To be admitted to the Lyle School of Engineering and the Management Science program, a student must complete 24 credit hours, have a GPA of 3.000 or higher in a specific set of classes, and be approved by the EMIS department chair. (See SMU Undergraduate Catalog for details.)

    During this time, your advisor will be the Lyle School’s Director of Undergraduate Advising, who can advise you on meeting graduation requirements that are not part of the Management Science major.
  2. Management Science Major
    Once admitted into the Management Science program, there will be an EMIS faculty member assigned to advise you on meeting the requirements for a major in Management Science.

    The Lyle School’s Director of Undergraduate Advising will continue to advise on non-major engineering requirements and determine when all graduation requirements have been met for undergraduate engineering degrees.

To help with your degree planning, see the EMIS Course Planning Calendar, which lists the semesters that each EMIS course is taught over a five-year period.

Note: Advising on University Curriculum requirements and other majors are handled by the department or program office in charge of those requirements.

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