EMIS Distinguished Advisory Council

The Council

The EMIS Distinguished Advisory Council is a C-level industry group formed to work with the Department of Engineering Management, Information, and Systems (EMIS) in the School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas. These leaders from major corporations and governmental agencies seek to enhance and develop the programs, faculty, and students associated with the EMIS department.

The Council meets quarterly to :

  • Convey knowledge of industry trends
  • Contribute to curriculum enrichment
  • Participate in collaborative efforts with SMU School of Engineering for
    • Sponsored Research
    • Industry Mentorships, Scholarships, Internships
    • International Opportunities (where possible)
    • Program and Institutional Development
    • Notable Lecture Series

Mission/Vision statement:

    To position SMU as the globally recognized destination university for Engineering Management, Information, Systems, and Operations Research education.


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