4 + 1 Accellerated Master’s Degree

The 4 + 1 Accellerated Master’s Program

The 4 + 1 Program permits the SMU Engineering student to study towards B.S. and M.S. degrees simultaneously and possibly with fewer courses than if taken separately. Up to nine (9) SCH of graduate course work can be applied towards the undergraduate degree requirements. In such cases, students may fulfill both bachelors and masters degree requirements in as few as 21 SCH beyond the B.S. coursework.

Furthermore, because the graduate work is spread over two academic years, students have a greater selection of courses in both their undergraduate and graduate studies and are able to complete an M.S. thesis, should they so desire. The student must work closely with his or her academic advisors to ensure that the requirements of the 4+1 Program, the B.S. degree, and the M.S. degree are met.

EMIS Masters Degrees

Whether you are a management science major or studying EE, ME, ENCE, or CSE, an EMIS masters degree will put you on a road to lifelong success. Available for your consideration are Masters of Science in:

  • Engineering Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Operations Research
  • Information Engineering and Management

To explore your options and verify your eligibility for the 4+1 Program, see the EMIS department chair or other EMIS faculty.

 4+1 Program Details

Admission Requirements

EMIS Masters Degrees

How to Apply

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