M.S. in Information Engineering and Management

Information Engineering is the blending of engineering principles and business best practices to create and manage high-quality, effective and possibly strategic information infrastructures for an organization.

The Masters of Sceince in Information Engineering and Management (MSIEM) develops students’ technical and managerial expertise in information technology and systems, their design, application, and management. The program’s unique structure, designed in consultation with industry, covers topics in computer and telecommunications hardware and software, systems engineering, operations research, entrepreneurship, and engineering management

Today’s technology-based businesses and governments urgently need people with a balance of business and technical skills. The MSIEM program is designed for technical workers in organizations where engineers are critical, but business knowledge is needed.

This blend of enterprise and technical expertise is provided in the context of information technology application and management, where a well-conceived IT strategy can yield a competitive advantage. The MSIEM also develops the leadership and managerial skills needed to be successful.

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Admission and Degree Requirements

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Program Goals
The MSIEM program is designed to:

  • Provide graduates with the tools to effectively engineer and manage an organization’s information flows
  • Utilize diverse undergraduate fields and work experiences to produce specialists for different disciplines
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