Reasons to Study OR at SMU

Reasons to Study Operations Research at SMU:

  1. An established, recognized program. SMU’s masters and doctoral programs were established in 1972 and are known worldwide for their rigor and practicality. The Gorman Report ranked SMU in the nation’s top twenty O.R. programs.
  2. Outstanding faculty. SMU’s full-time faculty are respected researchers, active practitioners, and award-winning instructors.
  3. Relevant courses. The classes present the algorithms and theoretical underpinnings of O.R., yet relate these models and analytics to their immediate application. Classes are available only when taught live; no library of “canned” courses are used. Hence, the information you receive is current and relevant.
  4. Flexible degree plans. There are many routes to completing the degree requirements for the masters and Ph.D. degrees, to let students focus on their interest areas and develop a customized program of study.
  5. Many course delivery options. Graduate programs are available on the SMU campus in Dallas, via distance learning, and onsite at selected organizations. You can select the delivery option that works best for you.
  6. Personal touch. Each O.R. student is assigned an advisor to work with throughout their program. The faculty are readily accessible via office visits, email correspondence, and telephone.
  7. Ability to specialize. Students can specialize in a particular area of O.R., take classes from other EMIS programs (Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, Information Engineering and Management), or choose electives from other graduate programs such as Computer Science and Engineering, EE, ME, ENCE, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, and others.
  8. Masters and Ph.D. degrees are offered. You don't have to stop with a masters. All Masters of Science coursework can be applied towards a Ph.D. in Operations Research.
  9. High-quality research., EMIS faculty are active researchers, expanding the knowledge base in O.R. theory and real-world application. They serve on journal review boards, present their findings at national and international meetings, and publish their scholarly work. Doctoral students are involved in this research and classes benefit from instructors who are actively involved in the field of O.R.
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